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About us

For anyone, anytime, anywhere in their journey. Here at Live Activeli we understand that fitness is not a one size fits all. We motivate all people trying to progress in their fitness and reach their goals. 

Meet the Founder

Live Activeli started in 2020 after our world went through one of the biggest pandemics in history. While everything was shut down, I began to seek different ways to remain active despite not having access to a gym. It was through my curiosity and commitment to remain active that I began to really understand the importance of living an active life. As I documented my daily journey to workout I started to receive feedback from friends and family that I was inspiring them to find ways to get out and move. 


Live Activeli was created to show that you don't have to be an athlete to start living a healthier active life, you just have to choose to do it. For anyone, anytime, anywhere in their journey is our motto. Remember that despite your circumstance, despite your obstacles, you have the choice to take full advantage of your life. Get Active. Stay Active. Live Activeli

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